It’s almost time for the annual Water Main Flush!



Above is a screen shot taken on Friday May 20. Since life happens be aware that the timing could change so please check the link below for up to date information.

If you click the map you will go to the up to date map on the City Of Newark’s Official page.


NOTICE From the City of Newark, Delaware Facebook Page:

It’s almost time for another round of water main flushing. In order to keep pipes clean and flowing well, our Water Resources crews make their way around Newark and strategically open fire hydrants in order to generate higher than usual water flow and shake up (and flush out) any sediment that may be in our mains.
Flushing will take place starting Friday, March 27 – Thursday, April 2 (only during weekdays). As we clean out our water mains, residents in affected areas may experience temporary fluctuations in water pressure, and changes in water clarity. To avoid staining of clothes (or yourself) we advise that residents postpone laundering, dish washing and showering between the hours of 7AM and 5PM during these days.

Experience discoloration with your water? Please wait approximately 30 minutes for our crew to move out of the area, then run the cold water in a bathtub or basin sink until clear. If your laundry becomes discolored, keep the clothes wet and rewash with “Rust Rover” powder – packets are available from the Public Works and Water Resources Department on the second floor of the municipal building.

Check out the below interactive map to see when your area will be flushed! We will keep everyone informed of deviations or changes via our social media feeds and homepage at


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