Have you ever realized when traveling, how simple life can be? You’ve only packed the essentials you need for the time you’re away and enough clothes for your stay. Your hotel room is designed to provide you comfort with furnishings that work well together. They want you to feel at home and make your time away stress free. If you want to achieve a similar feeling at home, it can be done!

We often think of staging a home when putting it on the market, but a slightly different version can be applied to any homeowner who’s looking to simplify their home and create harmony. This is where “Staging to Live” can help you!

Here are some steps you can take to get you started.

1) Declutter Closets

Clean out closets from clothes you no longer wear or fit into.  Having a smaller selection of key pieces will make getting dressed less stressful and save you time. Even food pantries need to be cleaned out from time to time for expired food and such.

2) Declutter Cabinets and Shelves

Limit collections displayed on shelves or in China cabinets to a minimum. Just seeing all this clutter every day can be stressful. If you need permission to get rid of all those wedding and shower favors you’ve collected over the years, here you go! Clear out any extra items from your kitchen cabinets you no longer need or use. Especially all those containers that fall out every time you open the door. Yes, that one!

3) Declutter Your Rooms

Often times during a staging consultation, I see homeowners just have too much furniture in the rooms. Having more furniture than you need creates visual clutter and will make a room feel smaller. Limit what you have in each room and avoid too many large pieces that demand a lot visual attention.

4) Declutter Your Walls

Yes, sometimes we are tempted to cover up every inch of wall space with a picture or painting. Accent your walls as needed and work with the space you have. Keeping some blank space in each room will allow the room to feel light and airy. Be sure to use appropriately sized pictures for the space. A small picture alone on a large wall will get lost. Keep your pictures at eye level as well. Often times, pictures are hung too high.

5) Design

Once you have decluttered, you can move on to design. Adding the design element to your home (or updating it), will create harmony in your home. This can be achieved by using complimenting colors in the rooms on the main floor. You can create a nice flow and connection between rooms with paint colors and accessories. Repeating patterns and textures can help you accomplish this as well. Finally, add a pop of color in the room to keep it interesting and repeat that color in rooms that connect, like a kitchen and family room.

These are just a few of many ways to stage your home for living and create a harmonious and stress-free home. Applying these tips will help you now and you’ll be ahead of the game if you ever decide to sell your home.

The two pictures taken from the kitchen showing you how these connecting rooms have a good flow and harmony by using the same color scheme. Keeping the rooms clutter free and simple keeps it stress free!

By Mary Karakashian

APSD Certified Home Stager

Unique Home Staging and Design, LLC


Unique Home Staging by Mary Karakashian

Unique Home Staging by Mary Karakashian

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Unique Homes Staging and Design


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