The First State Potion Masters are hosting a book drive to benefit children in local hospitals. The purpose of the book drive is to collect new Harry Potter books along with similar books for younger readers to be given to children in need at local hospitals from volunteers dressed as their favorite characters from the series.

So, who are we? We are the First State Potion Masters, the Delaware chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. The Harry Potter Alliance is a global non-profit organization that seeks to empower fans to act like the heroes they love to make the world a better place. The First State Potion Masters’ mission is to mobilize fans across the state towards issues of literacy, equality, and human rights. Accio Books is our annual book drive that focuses on bringing books to children in need in our local area. To date, the First State Potion Masters have raised over 35,000 books to distribute to local children, libraries, retirement homes, and hospitals.

We are proud of the success our group has experienced so far and demand for our appearance is growing.  In order to meet the needs of the hospitals that have requested us we need to raise enough books to distribute to over 300 children.   

Why Harry Potter? We want to bring the Harry Potter series to children because it is a story of a boy that faces immeasurable odds by dark forces he couldn’t control. A story of bravery in the face of significantly dark times, just as these children face every day. There are very few examples in youth oriented fiction that truly embrace the challenges faced by children fighting adverse battles. Kids know what they are going through and sometimes feel they are alone (even if they are not) because nobody will be forthcoming with them. The Harry Potter series allows children to escape into a wondrous world where the hero fights for more than a love interest; it is the gravity of the journey and the character’s loneliness to which these children may relate. And although there is ultimately a happy ending, the series never treats children like…children, which is something all too familiar for the kids we are trying to help. It does, however, offer a message of hope to any reader that takes the journey with Harry.

All funds raised will be used to purchase new books from our wishlist.

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Purchase books directly through our Amazon wishlist and Amazon will send them to us on your behalf

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