Mike Cook focused his 30-year career at DuPont in the advancement of continuous improvement on helping their businesses.  As he approached retirement, Mike shifted his focus from improving processes to improving himself by pursuing a lifelong dream:  to learn to play music.  

As a frustrated musician, Mike had never played an instrument in his life.  He had always loved the sound of Caribbean steel drum music, because to him, listening to the sweet sounds steel drum music was always associated with the happiness of lazy vacation days in the sunshine on a beach in the Caribbean, with a cool and tasty drink in his hand.  So at age 60, Mike attended a one-week-long immersion workshop on steel drum at the University of Delaware.  After the workshop, Mike got a steel drum and practiced at home for an hour every day for two years, learning more than 65 popular reggae, calypso and other “island-style” songs.  Mike doesn’t read sheet music, so he memorized each song.  He calls his one-man band “Steel Happiness” and he plays for parties upon request.  His audiences love his music and his easy-going nature.  Mike says he’s living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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Contact Mike at http://www.SteelHappiness.com

Submitted By: Mike Cook  –  Steel Happiness:  Live steel drum music for happy occasion

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