University of Delaware alumni creates new hit strategy board game called Middle Empire.  “More fun in less time”, the Middle Empire website quotes.  The website boasts a game-play combination of Settlers of Catan and Risk played in 30 minutes.  The game found its origins at Days of Knights game nights on Main St in Newark, DE.  Before stocking the game in the store, owner John Corradin of Days of Knights, said of the game “It’s a good game.”  After three years of play testing in Newark with the gamers at Days of Knights and the Board Gamers of UD, the game designer found himself as a vendor with a finished game that local college students gravitated toward with comments like:

 “I liked the simplicity of the game.”  

“It is easy to pick up and learn quickly. ” 

“It was interesting, as the game progressed, my strategy shifted.”  

Many families have taken the game up, and one family commented on Amazon “Our family recently purchased this new game, and it’s a hit!”

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