The 2×4 Square Dance Club of Newark kicks off it’s Fall Season by offering three FREE square dance lessons.    It begins with an Open House at The Shue-Medill School 1500 Capitol Trail, Newark, Wednesday, Sept. 28th from 7-9pm.  Dancers who want to continue classes can register with the Christina School District Adult Edu. for a nominal fee.  All interested persons, young or old, are welcome with no obligation or pressure to continue.  Partners are not needed as the club will supply partners for all solos.

   Last year, 2×4 graduated 26 new dancers and provided two monthly dances throughout the summer for these new dancers.  The teacher is Clay Goss, an experienced square dance caller and teacher.

   Square dancing combines physical and mental exercise with rhythmic music and song and interaction with friends, making it one of the most healthful, wholesome, enjoyable activities available. Square dancing is medically considered a perfect exercise.  It sharpens the mind and invigorates the body and those that dance regularly tend to enjoy living ten years longer than non-dancers.

   Square dances are non-alcoholic events, held in church and school halls.

 It is a wonderful family activity and whole families are encouraged to come to the Open House.  More information is available on the website

Submitted By:

Joyce Herron, a member of The 2×4 Square Dance Club


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