In celebration of Global Oneness Day, InnerSource Wellness Center will be holding its second annual Fall Harvest Holistic Wellness Festival on October 22nd 10am- 6pm. The event will be co-sponsored by Delaware Permaculture and will host a wide variety of vendors such as holistic practitioners, wellness professionals, and organic growers, and local artisans. Food vendors that support all of your dietary limitations will be made available. Free admission to the festival offers a full of live music, workshops, demonstrations, children events, and community. Come celebrate our Global Oneness with a community that cares

Setting foot onto the property at InnerSource Wellness Center is in itself a healing experience. But on Global Oneness Day, the effects are exponentially greater. The aura of the area hums at the highest vibrations. At the entrance of the festival, faint conversations held in intimate corners of the gardens can be heard. The sound of playful children intermingles with live music and their feet grind the ground in sync with the melody. The aroma of a smoldering fire and freshly cooked food with a dash of blended herbal scents draws you nearer to the heart of the festival. This describes the Fall Harvest Holistic Wellness Festival that was hosted by InnerSource Wellness Center last year. This year on October 22nd, InnerSource will be holding its second annual festival with Delaware Permaculture as its co-sponsor. The center is bringing back the vendors from last year as well as a multitude of new vendors and musicians who are coming together to join the community at InnerSource. The festival celebrates togetherness as a community, as a species, and as a part of this earth. The vendors specialize in a variety of areas that support Global Oneness: sustainable and organic agriculture, holistic healing practices, artists and artisans, and wellness practitioners. Various workshops, demonstrations, live music acts, and children’s activities will be available throughout the day. Food will be available for purchase with an emphasis on organic, vegetarian and vegan options. Although the event is free, love donations are accepted as well as donations of new or gently used socks. The goal of the festival is to simply raise community and to celebrate the love and interconnectedness of all things. InnerSource Wellness Center with the help of Delaware Permaculture is sure to exceed any expectations that were set last year. So set your calendars and come out to the Fall Harvest Holistic Wellness Festival and fuel your love.

Fall Harvest Holistic Wellness Festival

October 22, 2016 10am-6pm
Opening Drum Circle 9am

InnerSource Wellness Center
3101 Skyline Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808 United States

Parking available across the street in community lot & in adjacent Carousel County Park parking lot

Free Admission – Love Donations accepted

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