The Delaware Safety Council is proud to announce the launch of their annual Smoke and Mirrors campaign. This campaign is aimed at high school students throughout the State of Delaware. During the school year, DSC staff visit high schools in each county and discuss the dangers of tobacco use. Last year the DSC reached over 1,000 high school students. Post-campaign data from the 2015 – 2016 school year revealed that 34% of students surveyed admitted to using tobacco products in the past. The data also revealed that 90% of participating students learned a new fact during the presentation, and 74% admitted to learning a fact so significant that it caused to them stop using tobacco products all together.

This year the Delaware Safety Council hopes to broaden their reach and engage more students. This is a collaborative and interactive program where students are able to win prizes such as Apple Music codes. The program is free to all high schools and made available through the Delaware Division of Public Health and the American Lung Association. For more information about the Smoke and Mirrors campaign contact Communications Manager Devin Bonner at Or call 302-276-0660.


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