The University of Delaware’s Center of Biomedical Research Excellence [COBRE] is currently conducting a 15-week, smoking cessation program, STAR Quit, that provides all eligible participants with six sessions of individual smoking cessation counseling as well as the quit-smoking medication, Chantix. The STAR Quit staff is trained, involved, and passionate about helping those ready to quit smoking along a journey that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of how they can utilize the given tools to live a smoke-free life.

Participants’ experience with STAR Quit begins with a phone screening, a ten-minute call that will determine initial eligibility through a series of simple questions. If eligible, participants then complete a visit with the study Nurse Practitioner who will approve their use of Chantix. The third step is an overnight stay at a local sleep care center, looking for any sleep disorders that may interfere with the study treatment. If eligible after these screenings, the participant is officially enrolled in this evidence-based program.

An added benefit to the STAR Quit program is that the medication, counseling, and appointments are all free of charge! In fact, participants will be compensated up to $460 for completing study measures and assessments. The STAR Quit team is invested in helping smokers quit once and for all, and looking forward to meeting with all of whom are ready to take the next step in their quitting journey! To take that next step and complete a phone screening, email or call STAR Quit at or 302-831-0989.




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