Anne Green of Our Newark DelawareThis page is run by one person, me, Anne Green. It was started to collect and share news and events about what is going on in and around Newark, Delaware.  I decide what to put up and what to leave up. If your post or comment is, in my opinion, unnecessarily negative I’m just going to quietly delete it. I do my best to keep this a happy safe space.

That does not mean I discourage polite discourse or disagreement. But please be kind and thoughtful in how you word things.

If you have a complaint with a company, club, or organization this is not the place to do that. Please contact them directly. They need to know you are unhappy and to be given the chance to make it right.

At the moment I’m just doing this for fun. I’m not charging anything. I’m not making any money.  Maybe someday I’ll change that. Maybe not. If I change it I’ll let you know.

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Any questions or concerns you can email me using the email below.


Anne Green

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**Oh and since I’m not paid and I have a life… sometimes I might be busy and not posting. So please don’t count on me for emergency information etc. But I’ll post it if I can.**

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