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Also remember, my page, my “rules” so:

  • All posts must be PG rated.
  • I choose not to post about anything I consider to be unhealthy, cigarettes, tanning salons, for example.
  • I will occasionally post about drink specials etc. but I encourage moderation.
  • I am the final decider.
  • Sometimes I might be busy and not posting. So please don’t count on me for emergency information etc. But I’ll post it if I can.
  • Each submission must have one image (WITH NO TEXT) to accompany the story. (The other 2 pictures are optional.)
  • Your email will not be published unless you choose to include it in the body of the article.

Pretty easy right?

Anne Green

Images:  You must submit at least one image without text. That image does not need to be of the event. It can be some props representing your event or cause. You must have the rights to use the image. It does not need to be a photo, it can be another graphic image, clip art, or line drawing will also work.  

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